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Paul Wesley looking very interested in what people are saying.

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Best of | Paul Wesley 2013

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best of 2013 ;; 13 ships [6/13]
elena gilbert & stefan salvatore

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Elena about Stefan

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daniels-gillies requested Stefan + sexy walk

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Touch me, yeah. I want you to touch me there, make me feel 
like I am breathing, 
feel like I am human. She sought death on a queen-sized bed. And he had said: "Darling your looks can kill, so now you’re dead".

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One minute I think I’m fine, the next minute I feel like I’m dying all over again.

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Oh my god but there’s actually people who don’t think Paul Wesley is hot and cute and adorable and sexy as hell. Like wHuuT?  He’s a sassy angel sent from the heavens. This is fact not opinion.

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